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Unit: SDL_minical
Class: TMiniCal
Declaration: property IndicateHolidays: boolean;

The IndicateHolidays property controls whether or not the holidays are displayed using the holiday colors ColorHolidayFg and ColorHolidayBg.

Please note that whether a particular holiday is indicated as one also depends on the property ShowMovableHolidays. The following table summarizes the dependencies:

ShowMovableHolidays FALSE no holidays displayed only fixed holidays displayed
TRUE no holidays displayed both fixed and movable holidays displayed


The following holidays are pre-defined:

Repeating Fixed Holidays
Jan-01New Year's Day
May-01Labor Day
Aug-15Assumption of Mary
Nov-01All Saints
Dec-08Immaculate Conception
Dec-26Boxing Day
Repeating Movable Holidays
varyingEaster Day [ED]
[ED]+1Easter Monday
[ED]+39Ascension Day
[ED]+50Whit Monday
[ED]+60  Corpus Christi

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20