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Class: TDataTable
Declaration: [1] function ImportASC (FName: string): integer;
[2] function ImportASC (InStream: TStream): integer;
[3] function ImportASC (ClipBd: TClipBoard): integer;

The method ImportASC reads the data from a specially formatted ASCII text into the internal data matrix. The size of the matrix is adjusted automatically to fit the data on the ASCII file. Version [1] reads the data from a file. The parameter FName specifies the name of the file to be read. Version [2] reads the data from the stream InStream. The OnResize event is triggered after successful import of the data. Version [3] reads the data from the Windows clipboard. The parameter ClipBd contains a pointer to the clipboard to be used.

The function returns an error code with the following meaning:
0 no error
-1 error in specification of number of features
-2 error in specification of number of objects
-3 error in ClInf/NamFeat/NamObj flags
-5 invalid class information
-6 invalid numeric data
-7 invalid data on clipboard
-8 file not found

Example: This method is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): kohmap, interpol3d, multilinreg, ntabedit, simplepca

Last Update: 2013-Mai-30