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Declaration:function ImportASC (FName: string): integer;

The function ImportASC loads the data which has been stored previously by the method ExportAsASC. The parameter FName specifies the name of the data file. ImportASC returns the following error codes:

0 no error
-1 error in specification of number of features
-2 error in specification of number of objects
-3 error in ClInf/NamFeat/NamObj/NomOrdVars flags
-5 invalid class information
-6 invalid numeric data
-7 data matrix contains categorical data

Hint: The function ImportASC can be used to read any external data. The only prerequisite is to use the correct format of the data file, which has to have exactly 2 columns.

Example: This method is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): curvefit

Last Update: 2019-Feb-11