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Using TSevenSeg

The unit SevenSeg provides a seven-segment component as commonly used in many electronic devices. Using the TSevenSeg component is straightforward: just drop an instance on a form and set up the desired parameters.

TSevenSeg creates antialiased images of 7-segment digits. While the antialiasing creates a smooth impression of the segment boundaries it is considerable more time-consuming, and temporary images have to be recalculated when either the background color (property ColorBackGnd) or the segment color (property ColorText) is changed. Thus changing the colors requires almost 300 msec on an average computer and should be avoided.

The number of digits to be displayed is controlled by the property NumDigits. Please note that the 7-segment display automatically adjusts the size of the digits so that the entire set of digits is always fully visible. The spacing between the digits is controlled by the property InterDigDist, the spacing above and below the digits is given by the property Margin.

In order to display a number you have to fill in the property Caption. Please note that only decimal and hexadecimal digits together with a few special characters can be displayed.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06