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How to use TKohonen

The usage of TKohonen is straightforward:

1. Select the Kohonen network from the VCL bar and put it on a form..

2. Set up the parameters of the network as needed.

3. Define and attach a feedback routine. The training of a Kohonen network tends to be time consuming. Thus it is recommended to define a feedback routine which shows the progress of the training. This routine should be assigned to the OnFeedBack event. The following code shows a sample feedback routine which uses a TMeter component to indicate the training progress. Note that the feedback routine contains an "Application.ProcessMessages" statement in order to ensure that Windows can react on any messages during the training process.

procedure TFrmSOM.KohMap1Feedback(Sender: TObject; PercentDone: Double);

FrmProgress.Meter.Value := PercentDone;

4. Assign the training data to the network using the property TrainData.

5. Start the Kohonen training by calling the method TrainIt. If you have loaded a network from disk whose training was not yet finished you can continue the training by calling ContinueTraining.

6. Store the trained network, using the methods SaveAsXMLFile  or WriteToXMLStream.

7. Use the trained network by applying any test data to it (method ApplyIt).

Please note that a time consuming training run can be aborted and resumed by using the methods AbortTraining  and ContinueTraining.

Last Update: 2013-Mai-14