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Declaration:property Header[ColNr: longint]: TNameStrType;

The property Header contains the column identifier of the report list. This headline can hold a maximum of 50 characters and is displayed in the fixed row at the top of the report list. The parameter ColNr specifies the number of the column (valid range: 1..NrOfColumns ).

The headers may consist of multiple lines. In order to force a line break at a particular position a "line feed" character (ASCII 10, #10) has to be inserted at the corresponding string position. Please note that for multi-line headers the property ColumnHeadersHeight has to be set to higher than the default values.

Hint: The default values of the headers after the initialization are the column numbers.

Example: This property is used in the following example programs (see for downloading the code): geodata, multilinreg, repldragdrop, replistv, sortarray

Last Update: 2016-Feb-09