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Class: TRChart
Declaration: property GridDy: double;

The property GridDy defines the spacing of the grid lines (points) along the y-axis. The grid always refers to the active layer. GridDy may assume the following values:

>0 grid lines are placed at integer multiples of GridDy
0 grid lines appear at every tick mark, regardless of the Range settings

for logarithmic axes GridDy may also take one of the following negative values:

-1 grid lines are located on integer powers of 10
-2 grid lines are based on a 1-2-5 scheme
-3 grid lines are drawn at the integer values 1..9 or at decadic multiples of these values.

Note, that these special modes are most suitable for logarithmic scales spanning several orders of magnitude.

Hint 1: Do not forget to adjust the value of GridDy when switching between logarithmic and linear scales (or use GridDy = 0).

Hint 2: If the ratio between the range of the y-axis and the grid spacing GridDy is too large, the number of displayed grid lines is restricted in order to prevent RChart from filling the date area with millions of grid lines. The maximum number of grid lines is limited to 1000 lines (dots).

Last Update: 2016-Feb-14