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Class: none
Declaration: function GenerateCPUIDEx: string;

The function GenerateCPUID calculates a 48-bit digital signature from the CPU information and from the MAC address of the network adapter. The generated code is returned in form of a string of 16 hexadecimal digits which are grouped into four groups separated by a dash. The first three 4-digit groups represent the 48-bit signature, the last group is a CRC check code.

The check code is calculated by applying the function CRC32OfBuffer to the 48-bit signature (as a 12-digit hexadecimal string). The bits 0 to 15 of the resulting CRC code are then appended as a 4-digit hexadecimal string.

Hint: The function GenerateCPUIDEx is only available for the compilers Rad Studio 10.2 Tokyo, or higher.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06