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Unit: SDL_statis
Class: TCrossValidator
Declaration: property FPRate [varix: integer]: double

The array property FPRate returns the false positive rate for binary response variables, assuming that the binary target values are 1 and "not 1" (usually 0 or -1). FPRate is automatically reset to its default value (-1.0) when the size of the test set is changed or if the cross validation is aborted (see OnCheckAbort event).

The parameter varix specifies the index of the response variable and may assume values between 1 and YMat.NrOfColumns.

Hint: If the (positive) target value of a particular output variable is not equal to 1.0 the FPRate will be invalid because the false positive rate is defined only for binary classifiers assuming that a positively identified observation is indicated by a response value of 1.0

Last Update: 2020-Apr-11