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Unit: SDL_dstruct
Class: TFeatureMatrix
Declaration: property FeatValAsInt[fix, obj: integer]: int64;

The property FeatValAsInt provides access to the cell [fix,obj] of the feature matrix, given that the referenced cell is of type integer. The parameter fix may assume values between 1 and NFeatures, the parameter obj may assume values between 1 and NObjects. Parameter values outside the valid range will be ignored when writing to the cell (resulting in no action at all), or a zero value will be returned when reading the FeatValAsInt property.

Accessing cells within the valid range might generate an exception if the accessed cell is of a type other than integer:

Data Type Read Write
fkUndefined exception exception
fkInteger OK OK
fkDouble exception, if the value is not an integer number OK
fkString exception if the cell does not contain an integer number as a string OK
fkTriState exception exception

Last Update: 2017-Apr-18