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Unit: SDL_dstruct
Class: TFeatureMatrix
Declaration: property FeatValAsDouble[fix, obj: integer]: double;

The property FeatValAsDouble provides access to the cell [fix,obj], given that the referenced cell is of type double. The parameter fix may assume values between 1 and NFeatures, the parameter obj may assume values between 1 and NObjects. Parameter values outside the valid range will be ignored when writing to the cell (resulting in no action at all), or a zero value will be returned when reading the FeatValAsDouble property.

Accessing cells within the valid range might generate an exception if the accessed cell is of a type other than double:

Data Type Read Write
fkUndefined exception exception
fkInteger OK exception
fkDouble OK OK
fkString exception if the cell does not contain a floating point or integer number as a string OK
fkTriState exception exception

Last Update: 2017-Apr-18