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Class: TDataTable
Declaration: [1] function ExportAsASC (FName: string; Precision: integer): string;
[2] function ExportAsASC (OutStream: TStream; Precision: integer): string;
[3] function ExportAsASC (const OutFile: TextFile; Precision: integer): string;

The method ExportAsASC writes the contents of the data table along with all additional information (headers, etc.) to a readable ASCII text. The format of the text is the same as used by the method ImportASC.

Version [1] of ExportAsASC stores the data as a text file. The parameter FName specifies the filename (default extension ASC). Version [2] writes the data into the stream OutStream, and version [3] writes the data into the open text file OutFile. The method returns an error message string if any problem occurs during opening the file (e.g. 'file access denied' for read-only files).

The parameter Precision specifies the number of decimal places to be used in the text file. Note that the numeric values of a table will be altered if the precision for exporting is too low.

Example: This method is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): ntabedit

Last Update: 2014-Sep-09