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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TSmithChart
Declaration: property OnBeforeCrossHairMove: TBeforeCrossHMoveEvent;
property OnBeforeRenderChartItem: TBeforeRenderCItemEvent;
property OnBeforeRenderData: TRenderEvent;
property OnCanResize: TCanResizeEvent;
property OnClick: TNotifyEvent;
property OnCrossHairMove: TCrossHairMoveEvent
property OnDataRendered: TRenderEvent;
property OnDblClick: TNotifyEvent;
property OnDragDrop;
property OnDragOver;
property OnEndDrag;
property OnKeyDown: TKeyEvent;
property OnKeyPress: TKeyPressEvent;
property OnKeyUp: TKeyEvent;
property OnMouseDown: TMouseEvent;
property OnMouseEnter: TNotifyEvent;
property OnMouseLeave: TNotifyEvent;
property OnMouseMove: TMouseMoveEvent;
property OnMouseMoveInChart: TMouseMoveInChartEvent;
property OnMouseUp: TMouseEvent;
property OnMouseWheel;
property OnMouseWheelDown;
property OnMouseWheelUp;
property OnResize: TNotifyEvent;
property OnRubberBand: TSelectRectEvent;
property OnScalesRendered: TRenderEvent;
property OnSelectRect: TSelectRectEvent;
property OnStartDrag;
property OnTextLabelMove: TTextLabelMoveEvent;
property OnZoomPan: TZoomPanEvent;

The OnCanResize event is triggered when the control is resized. Please note that the OnCanResize event is only available for Delphi 4 and C++Builder 4, or higher versions of these compilers.

The OnClick and the OnDblClick events occur when the user clicks on the component. The events OnMouseMove, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp, OnMouseWheel, OnMouseWheelUp, and OnMouseWheelDown support the handling of the mouse.

The OnMouseMoveInChart event returns the mouse position in the chart coordinate system. The OnZoomPan event is triggered when an interactive zoom or pan action is carried out. The OnCrossHairMove event is triggered when any crosshair is moved by the user. The event OnTextLabelMove occurs when the user moves any user-defined text label by mouse interaction. The OnDataRendered  event is triggered after the chart has been completed internally and before it is copied to the screen.

Hint: The OnMouseWheel, OnMouseWheelDown, and OnMouseWheelUp events are only received by the component if it has the focus. For example, you could call the method SetFocus in the OnClick event, to ensure that TSmithChart has the focus after the user clicked it.

Last Update: 2017-Sep-13