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Unit: SDL_rotlab
Class: TRotLab
Declaration: property OnClick;
property OnDblClick;
property OnContextPopup;
property OnDragDrop;
property OnDragOver;
property OnEndDock;
property OnEndDrag;
property OnMouseDown;
property OnMouseMove;
property OnMouseUp;
property OnMouseEnter;
property OnMouseLeave;
property OnStartDock;
property OnStartDrag;

The OnClick and the OnDblClick events occur when the user clicks on the component. The events OnMouseMove, OnMouseEnter, OnMouseLeave, OnMouseDown, and OnMouseUp support the handling of the mouse. The events OnStartDrag, OnDragDrop, OnEndDrag, and OnDragOver control the drap and drop operations. The event OnContextPopup is triggered when the context menu is invoked. See the Delphi (C++ Builder) documentation for more details.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13