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Declaration: property OnBeforeFilter: TBeforeFilterEvent
property OnChange: TNotifyEvent;
property OnChangeSetup: TNotifyEvent;
property OnCheckedChange: TCheckStateChangeEvent;
property OnClick: TNotifyEvent;
property OnContextPopup: TContextPopupEvent;
property OnCursorKeyAction: TCursorKeyActionEvent;
property OnDblClick: TNotifyEvent;
property OnGetEditText: TGetEditEvent;
property OnRequestEditFormat: TRequestEditFormatEvent;
property OnPercentDone: TOnPercentDoneEvent;
property OnSelectedChange: TNotifyEvent;
property OnSetEditText: TSetEditEvent;
property OnKeyDown: TKeyEvent;
property OnKeyPress: TKeyPressEvent;
property OnKeyUp: TKeyEvent;
property OnMouseMove: TMouseMoveEvent;
property OnMouseDown: TMouseEvent;
property OnMouseUp: TMouseEvent;
property OnMouseWheel: TMouseWheelEvent;
property OnMouseWheelDown: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;
property OnMouseWheelUp: TMouseWheelUpDownEvent;

OnBeforeFilter The OnBeforeFilter event is triggered by the FilterAndSort method every time when the decision about filtering a particular row of the report listview has to be made.
OnBeforeHTMLExport The OnBeforeHTMLExport event is triggered by ExportHTMLTable for each cell of the table.
OnChange The OnChange event is triggered whenever the contents of the report list are changed (either one or several data cells, or any of the identifiers, or a row attribute).
OnChangeSetup The OnChangeSetup event is triggered whenever a parameter is changed which effects the layout of the report list (but not the data).
OnCheckedChange This event is triggered whenever the check state of a cell in a checked column is changed.
OnClick Occurs when the user clicks into the report list. For additional information, see the Delphi/C++Builder manuals.
OnContextPopup Occurs when the user right-clicks the control or otherwise invokes the popup menu (see Delphi/C++Builder help for more information). This event is not available in Delphi 4 or BCB 4.
OnCursorKeyAction Occurs when the user presses any of the cursor keys.
OnDlbClick Occurs when the user double-clicks the primary mouse button when the mouse pointer is over the report list.
OnGetEditText Occurs when the in-place cell editor requests the value of a cell.
OnMouseDown Occurs when the user presses a mouse button with the mouse pointer over a control.
OnMouseUp Occurs when the user releases a mouse button with the mouse pointer over a control.
OnMouseMove Occurs when the mouse moves across a control.
OnMouseWheel Occurs when the mouse wheel is rotated.
OnMouseWheelDown Occurs when the mouse wheel is rotated downward.
OnMouseWheelUp Occurs when the mouse wheel is rotated upward.
OnPercentDone This event is triggered by XML read/write operations.
OnRequestEditFormat This event is fired when the row editor needs to get the editing format of a particular column.
OnSelectedChange The OnSelectedChange event is triggered when the selection state of either a column or a row is changed.
OnSetEditText Occurs when the user has finished editing the value of a cell.

Example: Some of these events are used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): repldragdrop, replistv

Last Update: 2017-Nov-22