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Class: TDirTree
Declaration: property OnChange: TNotifyEvent; 
property OnCollapse;
property OnDragDrop;
property OnDragOver;

property OnEnter;
property OnExit;
property OnExpand;

The following seven events are available within TDirTree :

OnChange The OnChange event occurs whenever the user clicks on one of the directory names of the TDirTree component. In this case the property Directory is changed.
OnCollapse An OnCollapse event occurs when an expanded outline item that has subitems is collapsed.
OnDragDrop The OnDragDrop event occurs when the user drops an object being dragged.
OnDragOver The OnDragOver event occurs when the user drags an object over a component.
OnEnter The OnEnter event occurs when a component becomes active.
OnExit The OnExit event occurs when the input focus shifts away from one control to another.
OnExpand An OnExpand event occurs when a collapsed outline item having subitems is expanded.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20