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Class: none
Declaration: procedure DrawLandMarkSymbolOnCanvas (cv: TCanvas; x, y: integer; LMType: TLandMarkElement; colorFG, colorBG: TColor; size, dir, leng: integer; transp: boolean);

The procedure DrawLandMarkSymbolOnCanvas draws a landmark symbol on the canvas cv at the position [x,y]. The position has to be specified in pixel coordinates (top/left is 0/0). The shape of the landmark is defined by the parameter LMType, its colors are defined by colorFG and colorBG. The parameter size controls the size of the landmark, the parameters dir and leng control the angle and the length of the arrows (lmArrowTo, lmArrowFrom). The parameter transp determines whether the symbol is transparent or opaque. In the case of transparent symbols the background color colorBG is ignored.

DrawLandMarkSymbolOnCanvas can, for example, be used to create, a legend of landmark symbols. Please note that user-defined landmarks (LMType = lmUserDef) are never drawn by DrawLandMarkSymbolOnCanvas. You have to use the event OnDrawLandmark for processing user-defined landmarks.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20