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Declaration:property DecPlaces: integer;

The property DecPlaces determines the number of decimal places used for the scale. DecPlaces may take values between -3 and +12. The negative values entail the following effects:

-1 The labels on the scale are displayed using exponential notation.
-2 The number of decimal places is automatically adjusted according to the range of the axis. This mode is recommended for applications where the user is allowed to change the extents of a scale.
-3 Only the exponent of the labels are displayed. This special value is valid only for logarithmic axes; in case of a linear axis it is treated as -2.

Note that the actual length of a single numeric label is restricted to 14 characters (decreasing the number of decimal places if necessary).

Hint: In case of a logarithmic axis DecPlaces should be set to -1, or -2 (recommended), or -3.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13