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Declaration:function DecodeASCII85 (InStream, OutStream: TStream): integer;

The function DecodeASCII85 decode the base-85 encoded data stream InStream and writes the result to the stream OutStream. Data of Instream is read from the current stream position; the resulting decoded data is written to the current position of Outstream (overwriting all data after the current position). The function returns the following error codes:
0 no error
-1 invalid character in the input stream
-2 'z' in middle of quintuple

In addition to the original definition DecodeASCII85 accepts CR (ASCII 13) and LF (ASCII10) in the input stream. These characters are discarded during the decoding process.

Hint: For a detailed description of ASCII85 encoding, see EncodeASCII85.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20