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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TSmithChart
Declaration: procedure CrossHairSetup (chColor: TColor; Mode: TCrossHMode; LineType: TPenStyle; LineWidth: integer);

TSmithChart provides a crosshair cursor which may be displayed in addition to the data. The crosshair is not part of the data container and may be configured and used by one of the following methods and properties: CrossHairSetup, CrossHairPosX, CrossHairPosY, and CrossHairSetPos. The method CrossHairSetup controls various parameters of the crosshair:

chColor Color of the crosshair
Mode Type of crosshair cursor: Mode may take one of the following values:
chOff (crosshair is switched off)
chHoriz (horizontal line across the chart)
chVert (vertical line across the chart)
chBoth (crosshair)
LineType Pen style of the crosshair: LineType may assume one of the following values:
psSolid (sloid line)
psDot (dotted line)
psDash (dashed line)
psDashDot (dash-dot combinations)
psDashDotDot (series of dash-dot-dot combinations)
Note that the LineType will be effective only if LineWidth is set to 1
LineWidth Line width of the crosshair. Note that lines broader than 1 will always be drawn as solid line, even if LineType is set to some other value.

Hint: Switching the crosshair on slows down panning and zooming by approx. 30 %

Last Update: 2016-Jun-27