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Declaration:procedure CopyToClipboardWMF (IncludeFrame: boolean);

The method CopyToClipboardWMF copies the graphics contents of Rot3D into the Windows clipboard as Windows metafile. This ensures that the full resolution is available for screen copies. The parameter IncludeFrame controls whether the frame of the component is displayed.

Hint 1: Any text (as used e.g. with the MarkAt  method) can be correctly displayed in metafiles only if the font selected by the Font property of Rot3D is fully scalable. "Arial" would be a good choice.

Hint 2: Please note, that some of the marks displayed by the method MarkAt are constructed by using pixel graphics. These marks may show up in an unfavorable way (only tiny dots) when using WMF for large printouts, i.e. for high resolution printers. The following marks are concerned:
    18    large shaded block
    25    bold cross

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20