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Unit: SDL_matrix
Class: TMat4D
Declaration: procedure CopyTimeSlotToArray (DestMat: TDouble3DArray; LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, HighRow, LowLay, HighLay, TimeSlot: integer);

The method CopyTimeSlotToArray copies the data contained in time slot TimeSlot into the 3D array DestMat. The range of the data to be copied has to be specified in the parameters LowCol, HighCol, LowRow, HighRow, LowLay, and HighLay. DestMat is automatically resized to fit the specified parameters.

The parameter TimeSlot has to be within the valid range (i.e. between 1 and NrOfTimeSlots), otherwise an exception is raised.

Last Update: 2017-Sep-29