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Class: TVector, TIntVector
Declaration: [1] procedure CopyFrom2DArrayRow (SrcArray: TInt2DArray; Row, FirstCol, LastCol, DestElem: integer); { class TIntVector }
[2] procedure CopyFrom2DArrayRow (SrcArray: TDouble2DArray; Row, FirstCol, LastCol, DestElem: integer); { class TVector }

The method CopyFrom2DArrayRow copies part of a row of the array SrcArry into the vector at the position DestElem. The parameters FirstCol, and LastCol define the range of the Row to be copied to the vector. The matrix element with address [FirstCol,Row] is copied to DestElem, the element [FirstCol+1,Row] is copied to the second vector element, and so on, until the cell at [LastCol,Row] has been copied.

Please note that DestCell can be negative as well (valid range: -(LastCol-FirstCol-1)...DestVec.NrOfElems).

Hint: Setting both FirstCol and LastCol to zero values forces the method to use all columns.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06