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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: procedure CopyAnnoFrom (SrcChart: TCustomRChart; ClassFilter: array of byte; AppendIt: boolean);

The method CopyAnnoFrom copies the annotation items of the source chart SrcChart to the annotation container. The parameter AppendIt determines whether the annotation items are appended to the existing ones, or the annotation container is cleared before loading the items. The open array ClassFilter specifies which annotation classes are to be copied. Passing an empty array to ClassFilter forces the method CopyAnnoFrom to copy all available annotation elements.

Hint 1: The annotation items of the classes TRChart, TSmithChart and TContourPlot are (technically) equivalent. Thus you can copy annotations, for example, from a contour plot to a smith chart.

Hint 2: When appending the annotations the container of the long string text elements might overflow as the maximum number of long strings is restricted to MAXLONGTEXTS. In this case only the short version of the long strings will be copied for the remaining long text elements.

Example: The statement CPlot1.CopyAnnoFrom (CPlot2, [], false); copies all annotation elements of the instance CPlot2 to the instance CPlot1 (overwriting any existing annotations).

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13