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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TRChart
Declaration: procedure ConfineZoomRange (xLo, yLo, xHi, yHi: double);

The method ConfineZoomRange defines a restriction for mouse controlled zooming and panning (see property MouseAction). Any zooming or panning is restricted to the area defined by the parameters xLo, yLo, xHi, and yHi.The restriction can be switched off by setting all four parameters to zero values.

Note that ConfineZoomRange only affects mouse controlled zooming and panning (MouseAction <> maNone), but not any other way to change the visible area of the chart (i.e. SetRange, or AutoRange).

Example: This method is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): rchzoomp

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13