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Unit: SDL_colorscale
Class: TColorScale
Declaration: property ColorArray: TColorArray;

The ColorArray property is an array of colors which form the basis for the visible color scale. The color array is mapped to the color scale in a way that the first color (index 1) is displayed at the position specified by the property ColorLow, and the last color (index ColorArray.Size) is displayed at the position given by ColorHigh. The color values between these limits are mapped proportionally. Outside these limits the background color of the color scale component is displayed.

Hint: In most cases, the values of ColorLow and ScaleRangeLow (as wells as ColorHigh and ScaleRangeHigh) will be set to equal values. This ensures than the entire color array is spread out along the full range of the color scale.

Example: This property is used in the following example program (see for downloading the code): colscale

Last Update: 2014-Aug-13