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Unit: SDL_dendrogram
Class: TDendrogram
Declaration: property ClustResult: TIntMatrix;

The readonly property ClustResult returns the results of the cluster analysis, describing which clusters (or objects) are joined to form a new cluster. This matrix consists of Data.NrOfRows-1 rows and three columns. The rows are ordered by increasing cluster distance (which can be obtained separately by reading the array parameter ClustDist).

The three columns of the array ClustResult contain the following information: the first two columns hold the cluster (or object) indexes to be aggregated into a new cluster. The third column contains the index of the new cluster. Please note that cluster indexes between 1 and Data.NrOfRows designate the original objects, cluster indexes above designate aggregated clusters.

Hint: The property ClustResult is filled during the calculation of the dendrogram by the routine AgglomClustering. The example given with the description of AgglomClustering should explain the contents of ClustResult in more detail.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13