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Unit: SDL_math1
Class: None
Declaration: function CenteredPolynomial (Coeff: array of double; NOrd: integer; XShift: double; X: double): double;

The function CenteredPolynomial calculates the centered polynomial of order NOrd at the position X. The center of the polynomial function is specified by the parameter XShift and is usually obtained from the function TCurveFit.CalcCenteredPolyFit. The coefficients of the polynomial are specified by the array parameter Coeff:

Y = Coeff[0] + Coeff[1]*(X-XShift) + Coeff[2]*(X-XShift)2 + ...... + Coeff[NOrd]*(X-XShift)NOrd

The parameter NOrd may assume values between 0 and High(Coeff).

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06