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Unit: SDL_statis
Class: TPLSModel
Declaration: procedure CalculateModel;

The method CalculateModel computes the PLS model using the data in the matrices XMat and YMat. The scaling mode is controlled by the property ScalingMode, the number of factors to be used for the model has to be assigned to the property Factors.

The results of the calculation are stored in the following properties: LoadX, LoadY, OrthoLd, RegCoeff, ScoreX, ScoreY, VarX, VarY, and WgtX.

Hint: Among the many algorithms available to calculate the partial least squares regression, the SIMPLS algorithm of S. de Jong has been selected. Details of this algorithm can be found in the following paper: S. de Jong, "SIMPLS: an alternative approach to partial least squares regression", Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 18:251-263

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06