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Declaration:function CalcGaussKernelMat (Probe: TVector; RefCenterMat: TMatrix; RefCenterIx: integer; Width: Double): Double;

The function CalcGaussKernelMat calculates the value of a given n-dimensional Gaussian kernel. The parameters RefCenterMat RefCenterIx, and Width define the position and the width of the Gaussian kernel. The parameter Probe specifies a point in the n-dimensional space where to calculate the value of the kernel.

The routine CalcGaussKernelMat is equivalent to CalcGaussKernel with the exception that the position of the kernel is defined by the row RefCenterIx of the matrix RefCenterMat. This can be of some benefit when calculating the effect of several Gaussian kernels which are defined by the rows of a matrix.

Hint: The user has to ensure that the dimension of the vector Probe and the first dimension of the matrix RefCenterMat are equal. A mismatch of these would result in erroneous results without notification.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20