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Declaration:property AtCoords [AtIx, DimIx: integer]: single;

The property AtCoords contains the coordinates of the atom AtIx. These coordinates can be either arbitrary coordinates or 'real' coordinates. The type of the units used for the coordinates is defined by the property CoordUnits.

The parameter AtNr specifies the number of the atom, the parameter DimIx defines whichcoordinate should be passed back. DimIx may hold values between 1 and 3, which correspond to the x-, y- and z-coordinates, respectively.

Note: In most cases the x- and y-coordinates have no physical meaning (i.e. the CoordUnits property is set to cuUnknown or cuPixel).

Example: The statement y := CT.AtCoords[13,2]; retrieves the y-coordinate of the atom 13 and passes its value to the variable y.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20