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In many applications users want to annotate their diagrams. The family of diagrams based on TRChart supports the annotation of diagram by maintaining a special annotation container which can be filled with the same drawing elements as the data container. Thus it is possible not only to added user-defined text to the diagrams but also graphic elements (for example, in order to point to a particular point in the diagram by drawing an arrow to this point).

Annotations can be seen as an extra layer of drawing elements which are rendered on top of all other elements, thus ensuring that the annotations are always visible. In order to create annotations the user has to set the property AnnoMode to TRUE. All drawing routines are then recorded in the annotation container until the AnnoMode property is reset to FALSE again.

The annotation container can be accessed by the array AnnoContainer, the number of annotation elements can be retrieved by reading the property NumAnnos. In order to control the visibility of the annotations the class numbers of annotations can be made visible or invisible selectively by setting the array property AnnoClassVisible.

Annotations can be copied from other charts by using method CopyAnnoFrom. Annotations can also be stored and loaded on/from disk by the methods SaveAnno and LoadAnno.

Last Update: 2023-Feb-06