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Unit: SDL_onoffbut
Class: TOnOffBut
Declaration: property AllowAllOff: boolean;

The property AllowAllOff specifies whether all buttons in the group of this button can be Off at the same time. If AllowAllOff is TRUE, all of the buttons in a group can be unselected at the same time. Clicking the single selected button (with property OnOff = TRUE) in the group will deselect that button without selecting another. If AllowAllOff is FALSE, exactly one of the buttons in the group must be selected at any time. Clicking a selected button won't return the button to its off state.

Hint 1: If the GroupIndex property is zero the AllowAllOff property has no effect.

Hint 2: Changing the value of the AllowAllOff property for one button in a group changes the AllowAllOff value for all buttons in the group.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20