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Declaration:property AllocRowsBy: integer;

The property AllocRowsBy determines how much memory is allocated when the number of rows is changed. Memory it is allocated in chunks of AllocRowsBy rows. By default, AllocRowsBy is set to 10; it should be increased when many resizing operations are expected (i.e. adding many extra rows later on).

If, for example, AllocRowsBy is set to 20, an integer multiple of 20 rows is allocated. When the size of the string array is increased later on and the remaining allocated free memory is not sufficient, memory for another 20 rows (or an integer multiple of it) is allocated.

Hint: Please note, that there is no comparable property for allocating extra columns, since the internal memory management is optimized for changing the number of rows while holding the number of columns constant.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20