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Declaration:function AddRoad (Name: TgdbName; Polygon: TgdbPolygon; Date: TDateTime; StateFlag: longint; LatLow, LatHigh, LongLow, LongHigh, Altitude: single; ClassNumber: byte; UserTag: longint): integer;

The method AddRoad adds the coordinates of a road to the database. The parameter Name contains the name of the road. The road is specified by the open array Polygon. The parameter Date holds the date and time associated with the road. The parameter StateFlag reflects the state of the database entry. The parameters LatLow ... LongHigh specify the geographical area the road covers. The parameter Altitude defines the (average) altitude of the road data. ClassNumber contains the number of the class the new database entry should belong to, and the UserTag parameter may hold a user-defined number. UserTag is not used by the database system, it can be used to store additional information.

The function AddRoad returns the database entry number of the newly created entry, or a value of -1 if an error occurred.

Last Update: 2023-Dec-13