DataLab is a compact statistics package aimed at exploratory data analysis. Please visit the DataLab Web site for more information....


Command: Setup -> General...

The command Setup lets you set up the most important parameters of DataLab. After clicking the command Setup you have the following choices:

General... General default operating parameters, such as the precision of exports, the precision of the numeric data editor, the default width and height of new data windows, etc.
Colors Setting up system colors.
Class Assignment Setting up class colors and class symbols.
Printer Font... Selecting the font for printouts.
Working Directory... DataLab requires a working directory where it can store intermediate results. This working directory must be writable and can be any path (including network drives) in your computer system.
Language... The working language of DataLab can be easily changed if the required translation file is available - DataLab comes with an English and a German user interface, by default (see the adaption of DataLab for more). Please note that the new language is available only after restarting DataLab. Some distributiuons of DataLab have a predefined language which cannot be changed. In this case the command is unavailable.
Registration of DataLab... This command can be used to register the evaluation copy of DataLab. After registration the evaluation copy turns into an unrestricted version.
Update DataLab... DataLab can be updated at any time via Internet.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-25