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Registry Entries

On startup, DataLab searches the registry for the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SDL/DataLab in order to obtain the most important configuration parameters. The following entries are defined:

AdjustEdiSize If AdjustEdiSize is set TRUE, the size of the window of the numeric data editor is adjusted to the available screen area; if AdjustEdiSize is FALSE, the size of the editor window is set according to the EditorPos parameter.
AutoAdvance Controls whether the selected field in the numeric data editor is automatically moved to the next cell, and in which direction the movement occurs. Allowed values are "off", "vertical", and "horizontal".
BlockUpdates In some installations (e.g. in protected in-house networks) it may be required to prevent the ordinary user from updating DataLab. Setting the registry entry BlockUpdates to the string "TRUE" disables the corresponding menu item in the DataLab main menu.
ClipbdFullPrecision This parameter controls the numeric precision used when copying selected cells to the Windows clipboard. If ClipbdFullPrecision is TRUE, the selected data are copied using exponential notation with 16 significant digits, otherwise the corresponding column precisions of the numeric editor are used.
Colors1...Colors7 Default data plot colors.
ColorsDigitizer The colors used in the curve digitizer.
CopyDataWarning This switch controls whether any erroneuous control commands sent from external applications to DataLab should be displayed. This switch is primarily intended to be used during the development of external control programs.
CSVSeparator Determines which separating character is used for the CSV export. Allowed values are in the range from 1 to 4: 1=comma, 2=colon, 3=semicolon, 4=tab
DataFile Path and name of the data file opened at last; if no path is specified the file is stored in the working directory of DataLab.
DefaultScript Script to be executed on startup of DataLab. This script is executed on startup of DataLab if and only if no valid script has been specified by the command line parameters. See also: starting DataLab
DefWinHeight Height of a new diagram window in pixel.
DefWinWidth Width of a new diagram window in pixel
DendroDataFName The filename of the data which have been subjected to cluster analysis at last.
DendroInVars The indices of the independent variables used at last during cluster analysis.
DesktopColor Color of the DataLab desktop
DispIx1...DispIx4 Indices of different meaning, depending on the diagrams shown at last.
EditorFont Name and size of font used in numeric editor. The size is separated from the name by a pipe symbol (|).
EditorPos This entry contains the pixel coordinates of the upper left corner of the numeric data editor and the width and the height of the editor window (in this order). The values of EditorPos are utilized only if AdjustEdiSize is set to FALSE.
ExportPrecision The number of significant digits when exporting data to text files.
GuidedTour A flag which indicates whether the guided tour in the help file should be displayed after starting DataLab. If the flag is set to the string "inactive" the guided tour is not displayed.
HistAnchor The value of the first bar of a histogram.
HistBinWidth The bin width of a histogram.
HistNumCh The number of bins in a histogram.
HomeDir Home directory of DataLab. HomeDir contains all working files of DataLab. If HomeDir is not specified, the startup directory of DataLab is used as home directory. This directory may be a read only directory. Please note thet the home directory as stored in the registry has to match the directory where the executable of DataLab is stored. If DataLab detects a mismatch during start up, it will automatically set the HomeDir entry to the startup directory (after issuing an information message to the user). This message usually occurs only, if DataLab has been moved to another directory.
Ident Specifies how the class data of each object is displayed (not at all, numerically, by symbols, or color coded)
IdentIx Obsolete (kept for compatibility reasons)
IndefValue Hexadecimal representation of the substituion value for indefinite floating point numbers
KindOfDisp Type of diagram displayed at last: 0 = column/index, 1 = row/index, 2 = column/column, 3 = row/row, 8 = histogram, 11 = cumulative frequency distribution, 12 = normal probability plot
LabelMode Specifies the type of labelling used in the data plots: 1 = persistent, 0 = numeric, -1 = column/row headings
MLRDataFName The filename of the data used at last with MLR
MLRInVars The indices of the independent variables used at last for the MLR
MLRModelThroughZero Indicates whether the option "model through origin" in the MLR is active.
MLRTarget The index of the response variable used at last for the MLR.
ModeDisp Type of data display (continuous line, marks, line spectrum, identifiers, classified lines)
ModeIx Index of the used marks, if diagram shows a point plot
PCADataFName The filename of the data used at last with PCA
PCAInVars The indices of the (independent) variables used at last for the PCA (PCR).
PCRTargetVar The index of the response variable used at last for the PCR.
PLSDataFName The filename of the data used at last with PLS
PLSInVars The indices of the independent variables used at last for the PLS regression.
PLSTargetVars The indices of the response variables used at last for the PLS regression.
PrintFontName Name of the font used for printing reports
PrintFontSize Size of the printer font used for reports
PrintFontStyleBold Bold printer font
PrintFontStyleItalic Italic printer font
RandGen The pivot points of the user-defined settings of the random number generator.
RegLicFile Filename of the DataLab license file.
RegPwd Encoded registration password
SSDecPlaces The number of displayed decimal places in the data table (the precision of the stored numbers is independent of the displayed decimal places and is always 15 significant digits)
UseCount Counter of the number of starts of DataLab. This counter is used, for example, to execute the script 'initial_startup.isc' when starting DataLab the very first time.
Version Version of DataLab
WordstarEdit If WordstarEdit is set to TRUE, the text editors support the classic keyboard shortcuts.
WorkDir Working directory of DataLab. This directory will be used for any intermediate and auxiliary files of DataLab. It has to have read and write access right for this directory. If WorkDir is not specified, the HomeDir path is assumed to be the working area. The working directory of DataLab can be changed by using the command Setup/Working Directory.

Last Update: 2012-Aug-09