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Loading ASC Files

Command: File -> Load -> ASC Format...

ASC format is the standard import/export format for DataLab data. After clicking the command Files/Load/ASC Format, the user has to select the ASC-file to be loaded.

This dialog for loading files provides more information on the data files than common Windows file dialogs. In addition to the filename, the dialog shows the date of the last modification and the comment stored along with the data. The list of available files can be sorted by any column by simply clicking the corresponding heading.

In the case you have a high number of data files you may want to narrow down the list of files by filling in the file filter field. This should help to find a particular file more easily. If the filter text is not empty all files are shown which contain the text either in the file name or in the comment.

In order to select any file which is located outside the working directory of DataLab you can invoke the common Windows file dialog box by clicking the button Use Windows Explorer.

Last Update: 2012-Dec-19