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ASC-Files from Clipboard

Command: File -> Load -> ASC-Data in Clipboard

Sometimes it is most convenient (especially with small data sets) to load ASC formatted data via the Windows clipboard.

For that purpose you have first to copy the ASC data (e.g. from a Web page) into the Windows clipboard and then click the command File/Load/ASC Data in Clipboard. DataLab takes the entire text in the clipboard and displays it in a simple text editor which can be used to apply small corrections to the text (i.e. to remove any excess lines). After clicking the OK button () the text will be interpreted as ASC format, and the data will be loaded.

Hint: It is important that the first line of the ASC text starts with the comment line, otherwise the remaining lines cannot be interpreted correctly. Thus you have to ensure that there are no additional lines before the leading comment line.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-25