DataLab is a compact statistics package aimed at exploratory data analysis. Please visit the DataLab Web site for more information....

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t distributionStatistical Tables
 Random Number Generator
t-TestStatistical Tests
TANMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
testStatistical Tables
 Statistical Tests
test setSplitting a Data Set
text dataImport Script Example
text data filesImporting Text Data
text fileExporting to a text file
text file exportingExporting to a text file
tile windowsWindow
timeParsing Date and Time
tipsTips & Tricks
toolbarShortcut Toolbar
TopScript Command Chart
training a neural networkKohonen Map
 RBF Network - Calculate Model
training setSplitting a Data Set
transformationGuided Tour: Transforming Data
 Math Formulas
translationCustomization of DataLab
transposed matrixTranspose Data Matrix
tricksTips & Tricks
TRUEMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
types of markingMarking the Data

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