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sample identifierVariable and Object Names
saving dataSaving Data
 Saving Data in IDT Format
Savitzky-Golay PolynomialFilter
Savitzky-Golay smoothingScript Command Filter
ScaleColorScript Command Chart
ScaleColsList of Script Commands
ScaleRowsList of Script Commands
scandatetimeParsing Date and Time
scatter matrixPCA
 Scatter Matrix
scatter plotScatter Plots
score plotPCA Scores Plot
score/score plotPCA Score/Score Plot
scoresPCA - Summary
 PCA - Details
scree plotPCA - Summary
scriptDataLab Scripts
 MATLAB Script File
 List of Script Commands
 Script Details: KindOfChart
 Script Command Filter
 Script Command Filtercoeffs
 Script Command Data
 Script Command Chart
script filesDataLab Scripts
scriptsControl by External Programs
second derivativeScript Command Filter
selecting variables and objectsSelecting Variables and Objects
self-organizing mapKohonen Map
serial numberGenerating Headings
serialization of the data matrixSerializing the Data Matrix
set-upDefault Parameters
 Plot Options
 System Colors
Shapiro-Wilk testStatistical Tests
shortcut toolbarShortcut Toolbar
shortcutsKeyboard Shortcuts
shuffling the dataRandomisation of the Data
SIGNMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
simple regressionSimple Regression
SINMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
size of the matrixResizing the Data Matrix
skewed distributionRandom Number Generator
skewnessUnivariate Descriptors
smoothed derivativeScript Command Filter
smoothingContour Plots
 Script Command Filter
snap to objectsPlot Windows
SOMKohonen Map
SortList of Script Commands
sorting the dataSorting the Data
Spearman's rank correlationSpearman's Rank Correlation Table
split data setSplitting a Data Set
SQRMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
SQRTMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
squared correlation matrixCoefficient of Determination
stacked dot plotsScatter Plots
standard deviationUnivariate Descriptors
standard mean errorUnivariate Descriptors
standard symbolsAssign Class Symbols
startup logoCustomization of DataLab
startup sequence of DataLabStarting DataLab
StateScript Command Data
statistical tablesStatistical Tables
statistical testStatistical Tables
 Statistical Tests
StatTestsList of Script Commands
stepwise regressionVariable Selection
storing dataExporting to a text file
 MATLAB Script File
 Saving Data in ASC Format
 Saving Data in IDT Format
 Store in Matrix Clipboard
subspace3D Rotation
SUMMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
SummaryList of Script Commands
surface plot3D Surface Plot
survey chartMatrix Survey Plot
symbolsAssign Class Symbols
system colorsSystem Colors

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