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RANDMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
random number generatorRandom Number Generator
random splittingSplitting a Data Set
randomisationRandomisation of the Data
ratio level dataEditing Nominal and Ordinal Values
RBF NetworkRBF Network - Calculate Model
 RBF Network - Growing Network
read-only optionContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
reciprocal curveSimple Regression
referencesBooks on Data Analysis
 Orginal Research Papers
 Unlocking the Evaluation Copy
registry entriesRegistry Entries
regressionGuided Tour: Multiple Linear Regression
 MLR - Multiple Linear Regression
 Simple Regression
research papersOrginal Research Papers
ResizeList of Script Commands
resizing the data matrixResizing the Data Matrix
Rot3DList of Script Commands
rotation3D Rotation
 Guided Tour: 3D Rotation
ROUNDMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
row headersNumeric Data Editor
row headingCopy to Row Headings
row namesGenerating Headings
ROWIDXScript Details: KindOfChart
RowNameScript Command Data
ROWROWScript Details: KindOfChart
running a scriptDataLab Scripts

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