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panPlot Windows
parabolic fitSimple Regression
parsing date and timeParsing Date and Time
partial least squaresApply a PLS Model
 Create a PLS Model
 PLS Discriminant Analysis
PCAGuided Tour: Principal component analysis
 PCA Loading/Loading Plot
 PCA Loadings Plot
 PCA Scores Plot
 PCA Score/Score Plot
 Plot Options
 PCA - Summary
 PCA Biplot
 PCA - Details
Pearson's correlationCross Correlation Table (Pearson)
percentileFrequency Tables
PIMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
platykurtic distributionRandom Number Generator
playing with the data chartsGuided Tour: Playing with the data charts
plotGuided Tour: Playing with the data charts
plot optionsPlot Options
plot windowsPlot Windows
PLSApply a PLS Model
 Create a PLS Model
PLS Discriminant AnalysisPLS Discriminant Analysis
PLS-DAPLS Discriminant Analysis
polynomial fitSimple Regression
precisionContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
 Default Parameters
principal component regressionPCR
principal componentsGuided Tour: Principal component analysis
 PCA - Summary
 PCA - Details
printPlot Windows
Printout of a PlotPrintout of a Plot
PROBPLOTScript Details: KindOfChart
protocol windowProtocol Window

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