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labelling of plotsFixed Labelling of Axes
labelling of samplesVariable and Object Names
language adaptionCustomization of DataLab
LeftScript Command Chart
leptokurtic distributionRandom Number Generator
levels of measurementEditing Nominal and Ordinal Values
Levene's TestStatistical Tests
 One-way ANOVA
LGMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
Light EditionResizing the Data Matrix
Lilliefors testStatistical Tests
linear axisPlot Options
linear fitSimple Regression
literatureBooks on Data Analysis
 Orginal Research Papers
LNMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
LoadIDTFileList of Script Commands
loading ASC filesLoading ASC Files
 ASC-Files from Clipboard
loading dataHow to get data into DataLab
 Loading Data
 Control by External Programs
loading IDT filesLoading IDT Files
loading/loading plotPCA Loading/Loading Plot
loadingsPCA - Summary
 PCA - Details
loadings plotPCA Loadings Plot
local linear regressionKNN
logarithmic axisPlot Options
logarithmic fitSimple Regression
LTI filterFilter

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