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editEditing the Data
 Edit IDs
 Numeric Data Editor
edit commentEdit Comment
edit dataContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
 Editing the Data
 Numeric Data Editor
edit headingsContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
edit IDsEdit IDs
editing class numbersEdit Classes
editorDataLab Scripts
 Numeric Data Editor
eigenvaluePCA - Details
 PCA - Summary
eigenvectorPCA - Details
ElemScript Command Data
empty cellsContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
 Matrix Survey Plot
equal meansOne-way ANOVA
equal variancesOne-way ANOVA
evaluation copyUnlocking the Evaluation Copy
 Comparison of Evaluation Copy and Full Version
example dataGuided Tour: Example Data
Excel importImporting Data from Excel
executing scriptsControl by External Programs
EXPMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
exponential fitSimple Regression
export of dataExporting to a text file
 Saving Data
 Saving Data in ASC Format
export precisionDefault Parameters
exportingSaving Data in ASC Format
exporting filesExporting CSV Files
expressionMathematical Expressions in Import Scripts
external programsControl by External Programs
extract data from clipboardContext Menu of the Numeric Editor

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