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calibrationDigitizing Curves
cascade windowsWindow
categorial dataEditing Nominal and Ordinal Values
cell stateScript Command Data
centered polynomialSimple Regression
chartGuided Tour: Playing with the data charts
 Plot Options
 Plot Windows
 List of Script Commands
 Script Command Chart
chi-square distributionStatistical Tables
 Random Number Generator
chi-square testStatistical Tests
ClassScript Command Data
class attributesClass Attributes
 Edit Classes
 Guided Tour: Class Information
 Numeric Data Editor
class colorsAssign Class Colors
class editorEdit Classes
class symbolsAssign Class Symbols
classificationCluster Analysis
 Guided Tour
 Guided Tour: Data Analysis
 Guided Tour: KNN classification
classifierPLS Discriminant Analysis
clear dataClear All
clipboardMatrix Clipboard
 Context Menu of the Numeric Editor
 Store in Matrix Clipboard
 Open Matrix Clipboard
 Windows Clipboard
 ASC-Files from Clipboard
CloseAllChartsList of Script Commands
cluster analysisCluster Analysis
coefficient of determinationCoefficient of Determination
coefficientsScript Command Filtercoeffs
COLCOLScript Details: KindOfChart
COLIDXScript Details: KindOfChart
ColNameScript Command Data
colorsAssign Class Colors
 The Color of Markings
column column plotPlot Options
column headersNumeric Data Editor
column index plotPlot Options
commentEdit Comment
communalityPCA - Details
comparing meansStatistical Tests
comparing variancesStatistical Tests
comparisonComparison of Evaluation Copy and Full Version
Concept of DataLabIntroduction
concepts behind DataLabConcepts behind DataLab
constantsMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
context menuContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
 Plot Windows
contour plotsContour Plots
control of DataLabControl by External Programs
copyPlot Windows
copy and pasteContext Menu of the Numeric Editor
copying dataCopy Data
 Copy to Row Headings
copying PC scoresPCA
correlationCorrelation Function
 Cross Correlation Table (Pearson)
 Spearman's Rank Correlation Table
correlation functionCorrelation Function
correlation matrixCross Correlation Table (Pearson)
CorrelFuncList of Script Commands
COSMath Formulas - Constants, Variables, Operators
covariance matrixPCA
 Covariance Matrix
cross correlation tableCross Correlation Table (Pearson)
 Spearman's Rank Correlation Table
crosshairPlot Windows
CSV filesImporting CSV Files
 Exporting CSV Files
CUMUDISTScript Details: KindOfChart
cumulative freqency distributionPlot Options
curve digitizationDigitizing Curves
customizationCustomization of DataLab

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