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Exporting CSV Files

Command: File -> Save -> CSV Format...

DataLab is able to save the current data in CSV format (a text format typically used by Microsoft™ Excel™), storing both the data and the column and row headings. Other features (i.e. class numbers or markings) are not stored in CSV files.

In general, the CSV format only serves for exchanging data between DataLab and Excel™. For permanent storage of data the IDT or the ASC formats should be used.

After calling the command File/Save/CSV Format... the user has to specify the name of the CSV file. If the user enters the name of a file already existing on the disk, the system issues a warning message and asks whether to change the file name, overwrite the existing file or cancel the command.

Hint: Depending on which version of Excel™ you are using (i.e. the language of the user interface) you may have to change the parameter "CSV Separator" in the general program settings (command Setup/General...). The English Excel™ version requires a comma as separator.

Last Update: 2012-Jul-25