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DataLab Scripts

Command: File -> Script...

DataLab can be controlled by simple text-based scripts without any user interaction. The script files can be loaded and executed either from the DataLab script editor (command File/Script... or toolbar button ), or during startup of DataLab. In order to run a script during the startup of DataLab, the script file specification has to be added as a calling parameter of DataLab.

After calling the command File/Script... the script editor is opened. The script editor can be used both to write new scripts and to load and execute existing scripts. Details on the possible commands and format definitions are described in the list of supported script commands.

If any error occurs during the execution the script is aborted and an error message is displayed.

Note that the scripts can be written using any text editor which is capable of creating plain ASCII text. Scripts have to have the file extension .ISC.

Hint 1: When processing several formulas in a batch, the user should be aware of the dependencies among the formulas. The script is always processed from top to bottom.

Hint 2: A special situation arises when executing an equation which has been created by the MLR command. In this case the target column is undefined and the user is prompted to specify it.

Last Update: 2012-Sep-03