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Edit Comment

Command: Edit -> Comment... (in the main menu)
Comment -> Edit Comment (in the matriv viewer)

DataLab stores an arbitrary comment along with the data. This comment supports HTML code so that it is possible to structure the text as needed. It can be edited either by clicking the button "Edit Comment" in the "Comment" tab of the matrix viewer or by clicking the command Edit/Comment.

The comment editor contains a few buttons to make it easier to insert HTML code. Select the text to be enclosed by a particular tag and click the corresponding button. If there is no selection, the HTML code is inserted at the position of the cursor.

Please note that are several HTML commands which generate only a framework which has been completed by you after clicking the corresponding button (i.e. generating a Web link, and generating a description of variables).

Hint: Please note that the full comment can be stored only in IDT files. If you store data in ASC format, only the first line of the comment will be stored.

Last Update: 2012-Dec-19