SDL Component Suite - ColorScale

The class TColorScale is a component which displays color encoded scales as commonly used, for example, in geographic maps. At the left you see two examples of color encoded scales, one using the standard spectrum assignment, the other using a special user-defined assignment.

More details on the component can be found in the online help pages.

The component TColorScale is part of the unit RCHART which is part of the SDL Component Suite.

Free Sample Program

ColScale This application shows the usage of the TColorScale component. The user can adjust all major parameters of the component.
(288 kB)

What's new:

  • Release 12.0   [Dec-12, 2023]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.7   [Aug-24, 2020]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.6   [Mar-09, 2018]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.5   [Oct-10, 2016]
    • bug fix: the Assign method did not copy all internal fields

  • Release 10.4   [Jun-02, 2015]
    • the event OnZoomPan is triggered if the colors scale is panned or zoomed
    • the property MouseAction has been extended to support panning and zooming of the color scale
    • the property MinTicks controls the number of labeled scale ticks
    • bug fix: very small range values in TColorscale (below 10-35 units) caused an integer overflow

  • Release 10.3   [Oct-06, 2014]
    • VCL styles are now supported and coupled to the property StyleElements
    • the color scale image can now be copied to a bitmap by the method CopyToBitMap
    • the new method ValueToPixel converts a value into the corresponding position
    • the new property CrossHair allows to display a crosshair on top of the color scale
    • the new property MouseAction allows to drag the crosshair
    • the new event OnCrossHairMove is triggered if the crosshair is moved
    • the new event OnDataRendered allows the user to draw on top of the color scale
    • bug fix: ValueToColor does no longer overflow with extreme outliers
    • bug fix: ColorArray.LoadFromFile loaded colors set off by one array element

  • Release 10.2   [May-30, 2013]
    • the method SetScaleRange allows to set both the scale range and the color range at once

  • Release 10.1   [Oct-29, 2012]
    • bug fix: ValueToColor does not crash if range of colorscale is zero

  • Release 10.0   [Oct-4, 2011]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.7   [May-31, 2010]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.51   [Dec-01, 2008]
    • no changes

  • Release 9.5   [Oct-31, 2008]
    • first release to the public